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Content Creation

Since beginning my journey in design, it's been a start, stop and rotate kind of journey. I have an appreciation for design and advertisements and how they work. Which has pulled me into my passion for content creation. My goal is to make content that will help and inspire others and answer the questions I had when I was looking for answers. By searching what was missing in the market and hoping to help anyone that was in my shoes before. I have done some design work on and off in multiple of my past roles. I am confident in my learning ability and look forward to following my interests and growing in my skills.

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My YouTube Channel has been a slow grind. While in Japan I created and posted rarely. I try to make content that I know will be interesting and informative.

Video Editing + Planning + Filming + Acting

Melbourne | Food Diary

Melbourne | Food Diary

My Latest Trip to Melbourne Australia. (Dec - Jan 2018) Food Porn reel on all the food I got to eat! . . Food Restaurants in Order shown: • Hawker Chan * Michelin Star (Long lines 20-40min wait time) - Cheap and pretty yum. (0:02) • Humble Rays (BEST BRUNCH FOOD) (0:08) • Honestly Forgot.... Korean Restaurant on main road (0:49) • Torasan Ramen (Super easy to order and fast) (0:55) • ICHI NI NANA Izakaya (not in Central Melbourne Food was okay...) (1:08) • Hakata Gensuke - Ramen Professional (Long line but Yummy Food - Worth) (1:23) • Nitro Lab (Nitrogen made Ice Cream) YASSS (1:58) • TimHoWan * Michelin Star (YumCha food - Famous for their pork buns) (2:18) • Kyo Tea (Matcha dessert Cafe :P) (2:59) • Manchester Press (Menu is completely different from ONLINE be warned) BUT they have the Best Ice Chocolate :D (3:07) • Bornga (Korean BBQ in CHINATOWN don't mistake it with the other one on the side street) CHINATOWN is where the nice one is at. (3:36) • Hardware Societe (YUM Brunch food pretty good Ice Choco) (4:18) • Mr Miyagi (OMGOSH HARD SHELL TACOS and TUNA on SALT SLAB) *Lick my lips.... (4:43) • La Petite Creperie (CREPESSSSS) (5:08) • Miss Saigon (foodcourt at Chadstone) (5:28) • Nene Chicken (OMG CHEESE CHICKEN DO IT!) (5:36) . . SUBSCRIBE for more and Keep and eye out when I start Vlogging in Japan. COMMENT: If there is any TOPICS or things you want me to make a video about or want to know about New Zealand or Japan MUSIC from SOUNDSTRIPE Partnership 10% discount: FOLLOW MISS MUSE. ▸ INSTAGRAM // ▸ WEBSITE BLOG // ▸ FACEBOOK //
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My website with extra details and written out information from my YouTube videos. It has posts about reviews, How to, advice and my experiences.

Web Design + Blogging + Photography



Before my leap to Japan, I worked as a kid's Character for The Mindlab for their kid's portal Mindlab Kids. This was a very enjoyable time and made me realise my love for videos and presenting. This portal website is now no longer active and all videos have been put onto a YouTube Channel. Past affiliations were Spark Lightbox and Genesis. 

Design + Planning + Acting

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his is my personal instagram that I started properly 3 years ago. I was also lucky to get the opportunity to be the Kagoshima City Tourism ambassador to promote Kagoshima on my instagram for the duration of my time in Japan. I would generate content and posts about experiences and locations in Kagoshima for the world to see and get inspired to come to Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan..

Photography + Content Creation

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